Glass Splashbacks

Choose any colour, any image or any personalised design. Our experts print stunning bespoke glass splashbacks using industry-leading technology, to create a truly unique kitchen feature that will add the wow factor to your home interior.

A Stunning Focal Point

Our made-to-measure personalised glass splashbacks will add a unique, eye-catching interior design feature to your kitchen – whether you want to make a bold statement in your home or impress visitors and staff in your business.

Simply choose your look with your favourite colour, a stock image from a huge library, a textured pattern a word collage or even your own photo and we’ll create a work of art that will act as an impressive focal point – with glass splashbacks expertly cut to fit the exact size you need and printed to the highest standards using industry-leading technology.

Complementing Colours

Glass Splashback Colours To Complement Your Home’s Décor. Here you can pick from 200  kitchen glass splashback colours to complement your house décor.

We can create your ideal glass splashback to really bring your kitchen to life. Choose from our huge range of beautiful glass splashback colours as the ultimate finishing touch for your kitchen design:

Black, Clear, White, Silver , Greys, Creams, Purples, Reds ,Greens ,Yellow, Pink, Browns, Orange  etc.

Any image you like

Any image you like, expertly printed on kitchen-toughened glass. Thanks to bespoke printed glass splashbacks, you’re no longer limited to framed prints or canvases when it comes to adding artwork to your interiors.

With over 250 million images to choose from in our Shutterstock library, you can create a visual feature with photography, abstract graphics and attention-grabbing patterns that make your kitchen unique. From inspirational food images and city skylines or landscapes to colourful mood-setting backdrops and textures, our glass splashbacks offer an unrivalled choice for a modern look.

Picture Splashbacks

Personalised Picture Splashbacks For Kitchens. Personalised kitchen glass splashbacks give you the opportunity to put your own stamp on your kitchen design, with the ability to choose your favourite photograph, portrait or artwork, and send it to us, and have it printed onto our toughened glass for a unique kitchen focal point.

Texture Effects

Texture Effects To Match Your Walls And Other Surfaces. With a full range of texture effect patterns to choose from, our collection of designs allows you to match your splashback with natural worktops or surfaces such as stone, marble, brick, granite and more – a great way to save a little money on expensive materials in your home improvements.

Word Collage

Personalise your glass splashback and make family members a part of your kitchen design by creating your own wall-mounted word collage. Available in Family Montage, Love Heart designs and many more, in a wide variety of standard sizes or made to measure, this is a great way to add a special feature to your kitchen.

Benefits Of Glass Splashbacks

Choose any colour, any image or any personalised design. Our experts print stunning bespoke glass splashbacks using industry-leading technology, to create a truly unique kitchen feature that will add the wow factor to your home interior.

  • Achieve a unique look in your kitchen and dining space 
  • Custom-made to order by our designers to your required size
  • Perfect for complementing worktops, accessories and furniture
  • Huge range of colours, images or designs for all interiors
  • Upload your own image or photo for a personalised glass design
  • Modern, easy-to-fit alternative to tiles and wallpaper
  • Industry-leading printed glass process for fade-free reassurance
  • A toughened glass splashback is designed to stand up to high heat
  • DIY-friendly – simply use our Rapid Grab Glass Splashback Adhesive

Customers often ask…

Are glass splashbacks easy to clean?

Yes – glass splashbacks are easier to clean than stainless steel or other surfaces usually found behind hobs and sinks where water and other splashes and spills might otherwise cause damage over time.

Can splashbacks go behind gas hob?

Yes – our kitchen splashbacks are made from toughened glass, which means they can stand up to the heat of your hob without becoming faded or discoloured, unlike acrylic, wooden or laminated alternatives.

How Much Is A Glass Splashback?

Our glass splashbacks are made to measure, so prices will vary. However, we’re so confident in our prices that we offer our price promise – if you can find the same product elsewhere for less, we’ll match it. And if you buy from us, then find it cheaper, we’ll refund the difference. Terms and conditions apply so please ask for details.

How Thick Are Your Splashbacks?

Glass splashbacks will ideally be 6mm thick and made from toughened glass. This thickness is more sturdy than 4mm alternatives but still makes the splashback light enough to be fitted onto your wall.

What are splashbacks made of?

Splashbacks are made of toughened glass. Alternatives to glass splashbacks include:

  • MarbleEasy to scratch with pans and pots or utensils and can stain easily too
  • WoodStains and marks easily and can trap germs inside scratches
  • Laminate – Very easy to damage, not heat resistant and looks ‘cheap’
  • Stainless Steel – Looks industrial, lacks style and can become dull or misty over time